When I was 7 I developed my first website. Since then, I started developing all my passions through my projects: UI design and web development, innovative project and team management, branding, digital and physical marketing, video making, product development and photography, critical thinking and entrepreneurial mindset. I think through first principles built on my growing experience, following a precise, impartial, Kaizen, honest and independent philosophy of work.

Reach me

If you need to contact me for a work, or an advice, or just want to know my thoughts about something, or experience my pics on Instagram. I've put my social links in order of update so you can know what social I update most. However, email me in any case. On the right you find my unique, old-style business wooden card I've designed for myself.

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From Owl Experience

I Co-Founded the From Owl Clothing Startup in 2013 together with my friend from the childhood Filippo Tommasini. Since the beginning, I managed the brand at 360°, from the detail of the pocket of a pant, to the design of the seawear prints, to the design and development of the e-commerce, up to the making of the greatest videos and writing convincing product descriptions. The wonder of this project is that with a ridiculous budget and skilled people inside the team we've done the impossible.

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Applications Experience

I'm a freelance UI designer, and worked on several apps for iOS and Android. My design philosophy is made of concrete, definitive and useful conception.

Quotes is an app I developed with Andrea Fabbri. I thought and designed the interface, which has been copied several times on the app stores.

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I'm very proud of the timeless interface we achieved with Quotes.

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The Quotes were hand-picked in 4 languages by the us and a small dedicated team.

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Tempo was a weather app I've designed and developed to make some experience with Objective C. I'm particularly over-excited when I see the icon I've designed.

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